“Kita sambung wicara lewat udara, ya Bung! Saya tunggu e-mail Anda.”

The sentence, as shown above, is in Bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian language), and the meaning: “We continue our conversation via teleportation, Sir! I’m waiting your mail.” Sometimes, I confused when email and e-mail are typed. But, both are not different. When we use UK English, we can use e-mail; when in US, people familiar with email or just mail.

Do you remember when having an email address firstly? I think it would bring your memories for a decade ago, may be with Yahoo! Mail, Hotmail by Microsoft, or others. I could not forget how Mail, (present namely Plasa MSN),, etc. were famous in Indonesia at the time–or may be until now.

Gmail is not a pioneer, but well polished and succeed lastly–I still remembered how I got my first Gmail account, I asked Mr. Aloysius Heriyanto; thanks, Sir. At this post, I will not discuss about email, there are so many resources about it on the Net. We focus on email vocab in Indonesian language.

The institution that called Badan Bahasa gave one: pos-el (from pos elektronikelectronic post). But, this Indonesian vocab was not familiar, especially for Internet users in Indonesia. Surel (forked from surat elektronik) still popular and widely used by the people. So, if you speak in Indonesia, when you want to mention email in Indonesian language, you can use pos… mm… I mean surel.

This is just a personal suggest. I feel surel more simply than pos-el or others. Warm discussion is welcome.

WordPress 4.0 (“Benny”)

Sekitar satu jam yang lalu (dini hari) waktu Indonesia bagian barat, dalam kondisi saya sedang memermak beberapa kata pada blog ini, ada kabar pembaruan tidak terduga dari WordPress, yakni ketersediaan versinya yang terbaru. Tanpa berpikir panjang, saya langsung memperbarui WordPress yang menjadi pondasi dasar blog pribadi ini.

Ada beberapa fitur menarik yang disediakan WordPress 4.0 dengan nama kode Benny. Dari antarmuka pengisian isi (konten) yang lebih difokuskan, dukungan embedded media yang dimudahkan, pengelolaan media berupa citra semudah drag and drop, dukungan plugin yang dioptimalkan, hingga dukungan terjemahan tanpa melibatkan lagi konstanta WPLANG dalam berkas PHP wp-config.php untuk dukungan bahasa (berpindah antarmuka bahasa yang satu dan lainnya cukup melalui menu Settings, tanpa harus menggantinya secara manual pada berkas wp-config.php). Barangkali, ada fitur baru lainnya yang belum saya dapati, saya akan tambahkan pada tulisan ini jika mendapatinya–insya Allah.

Please go ahead and take a look! Selamat memaslahatkan WordPress versi terkini!



Evan Williams, founder and co-founder for Blogger and Twitter, founded new startup (digital company), Medium. Medium has simply concept: sharing the stories and ideas for everyone. It is more than a web application platform for writing publication.

Medium quite seems like the other writing platforms which are accommodate writing activity likes blogging or independently publishing. Mostly, Medium writer have their own capabilities and skills in well writing, especially in English–hopefully, it will available for Indonesian (Bahasa Indonesia) and filled by more Indonesians. This is noted by some key features of Medium which are follows below.

Every posts on Medium can edit easily for all users. This is positively benefit because everybody can give feedbacks and recommendation to improve the quality of the posts. If the other users or readers found an incoherence, in-cohesion, and/or incomprehension of the posts, they can put corrections and/or suggestions to the writers. Then, the writers can accept or ignore them.

Reading Duration
Medium readers can see the reading durations of all the posts. This is really awesome feature because they can save their times effectively.

Not Blog Platform
Indeed, on Medium, you can write freely because the requirement is easy and linked well with Facebook and Twitter accounts. Medium does not like Blogger,, Tumblr, or other blogging services on the Net these days.

I think better you landing on Medium directly. Go ahead and take a look! Then, please share your experience using Medium to me. I will be waiting your stories.