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Time for evaluation. Correcting the works of students, then input their results (scores) to the campus evaluation system. Mm, today is still test day. One of my subjects held yesterday and the students’ works have to arrive on my table. So, I can fill my time to correct their works. I hope they can finish their lovely days clearly with good points and scores.

The essential thing of the learning process is not the last result, but the process itself. We can not valuate and evaluate well if we ignore the key process of students. We can not depend on their scores. The scores are just numbers that appear of the physical appreciation, the statistically quantities. But, the process represent their qualities.

Let’s valuating and evaluating the students’ works.

Odd Semester Test

Our odd semester test of our institution is hold on and start today. It will take for more two weeks—in shaa’ Allah.

Keep calm and focus on UAS! Keep going!

Today with Mr. Nasir

Our first stone for new building at 4th campus, visited and declared by our minister, Prof. H. Moh. Nasir, Ph.D. (Kemenristekdikti). May Allah Help us to be better and better, and always—aameen.

~ Saturday, 13th Rabee’ ath-Thaanee 1437 A.H.

Enter BIOS

My senior got a problem with his notebook. The Windows 7 couldn’t boot well. Then, he asked me to install Linux-based system.

At this post, I won’t tell you how to install Linux on his Toshiba (Satellite series: P485). I just want to cite here as a personal note about how to enter P485’s BIOS.

The key is easy. We just press F2 button + power button. It’s crystal clear, It booted to its BIOS well. Then, we could boot Linux from our pen-drive. All praise is due to Allah.

That’s it.

~ Friday, 12th Rabee’ ath-Thaanee 1437 A.H.

Blogging at School

All praise is due to Allah. The today’s event was conducted well. The team and me gave—by Allah’s Hand—a subject about blogging and writing to the teachers at a junior state high school at Semarang.

The teachers are fantastic. They have pretty well enthusiasm and this made us push our energy more.

I hope I will meet them again—in shaa’ Allah.

~ Friday, 12th Rabee’ ath-Thaanee 1437 A.H.


Pada tulisan kali ini, tiada niatan bergaya sama sekali, saya menulis dalam bahasa Inggris. Saya tetap menyaadari bahwa masih terdapat salah diksi, eja, dan/atau gramatika di sana-sini. So, sorry for my poor English. Tulisan yang tersajikan tetap saya sertakan padanan ujarannya dalam bahasa Indonesia: bilingual atau dwibahasa. Sejatinya, tulisan di bawah ini dimaksudkan untuk pembaca di kalangan komunitas Linux, terutama di Planet Slackware Indonesia dan KDE.


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